Raspberry White Chocolate and Blueberry White Chocolate Cake

There were no special occasion when I decided to make these two cakes. It was simply that I have a lot of berries that I froze last year for my winter supply, but it's almost summer again, and I still have two big containers full of wonderful berries. And since my friends have been asking me to re-make the cake that I ask them to try a couple of months ago (not posted in the blog), I think this is just enough reasn (or excuse?) to make a cake (or two).

The interesting thing about this cake is the layer. Unlike the usual cake that has different layer of filling between each layer, the fillings for this cake are piped separately in alternating colors (as you can see in the picture). The cake consists of two layers of very soft and light cotton cake (similar to chiffon type cake in texture), raspberry/blueberry jelly (homemade), and also white chocolate cream cheese cream and also the clear glaze ont op of the cake. Usually, I made this cake in square shape. That way, it's easier to pipe and you can see the alternating filling on all sides. This time, I'm using a round shape cake because I had four layers of the sponge cake sitting in my freezer.

If you see the raspberry one (the top one), the red gel-like color is different from the color of the filling. You know why? I was planning to use the leftover jelly for the decoration, but I completely forgot. I threw all of the rest away and started to realize after all of them went to drain (sigh...). So, I took a little of the neutral glaze that I used and add a little of raspberry extract and hence the color. The color looks a little artificial to me, but some people even said that they like the color of it. It's just a matter of taste.

The decoration is similar between the two cakes. Well, what can I do. I've always sucked in cake decorating skill. But, it's somthing that I want to keep learning.

I can't tell you which one tastes better, is it the raspberry or the blueberry. Based on the reviews that I got, they're equally great, really. Even my little nephew and niece couldn't decide which one they like the best :)

I think I have to come up with some sort of fancier names for the cakes that I'm making so that it won't be too long. Now, I have to think another cake that would use up the rest of the berries before summer is coming.

Here's the cake I made the first time. This is the last piece that I had and I managed to take a picture of it. I didn't bother decorating it or anything since it was only the first experiment. But I was just glad to see the beautiful filling and the most important thing is, my friends rated this cake to be the best so far among many many cakes they have tried. yippee...

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