Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

Still in the tiramisu mood, one of my friends asked me if I could make a chocolate tiramisu cake for her husband upcoming birthday. Hmm...interesing. I made chocolate tiramisu cake once, trying out a recipe about two years ago. But I've never actually made it based on the recipe that I've been using.

Since I have leftover cream that's almost expired, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to experiment :)
So, this cake consists of two layers of chocolate sponge cakes, soaked heavily with espresso-rum mixture so that it would have the same texture as soaked lady fingers. The filling is the same as the classic tiramisu, mascarpone cream filling. I just added melted bittersweet chocolate and more rum and coffee in the filling so that the flavor would be more pronounced, since chocolate is a strong flavor.

I wanted to decorate it as simple as possible, but still looks elegant, so I piped chantilly cream on the top to look like a daisy, then dust it with cocoa powder. The side is decorated with just melted chocolate that I shaped like the picture. I'm quite satisfied with the look though.

I asked my QA friends (who get to taste almost every cake I make and give me some feedback) to taste it (although it ends up that they're not only tasting it, but finishing the whole cake!!! and I only got to taste about one spoonful of the cake). The whole cake disappeared in about one night. What I found in the fridge the following day, was just an empty box sitting nicely in their fridge.
The cake was great. It tasted like a very good chocolate mousse cake. You can definitely taste the rum and there's a pretty strong espresso after taste. So, the three main flavors are definitely there, but I might reduce the amount of chocolate in the filling so that it doesn't overpower the other flavors. I can barely taste the mascarpone cheese, which is predictable considering that mascarpone cheese is so subtle and chocolate is so strong.

Honestly, I don't think that reducing the amount of chocolate would make the mascarpone tastes stronger. Whatever modification I make, this is the best flavor I can get. Tiramisu is not tiramisu anymore if you add chocolate to it. It will completely change the taste.

I like the flavor of the cake. I mean, what else could you ask for? chocolate, rum, and coffee are definitely a match made in heaven. So, considering that I'm not a big fan of chocolate and I like this cake, I think this deserves to go into my permanent recipe file.

Here's is the individual version of it


Gladys said...

I LOVE Tiramisu, but I don't think I would be brave to experiment! Oh it just looks beautiful! Terrific job!

7 o'clock, in my castle said...

Wow... you are amazing!

The most satisfied thing for your work is whoever tasted what you bake leave a empty plate with a satisfied smile, right..


Bertha said...

Thank you gladys and 7 o'clock... :)
yup, exactly. the most satisfying thing for any baker is when someone do the exact thing that you described. Nothing can beat that :)

Anonymous said...

hello! i am very impress with your creative dessert formation. I love to look at your amazing work. your tiramisu is just gorgeous. my hubby is a big fan of tiramisu. wondering..would you mind sharing your great recipe? i really appreciate email address is - thank you...Lin Li

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your blog and would like to ask if you could share your great Tiramisu recipe. Thank you in advance for your time and recipe! My address is Thanks...Lenka

Bertha said...

Hi Lin li and Lenka, thanks for the wonderful comment.
I haven't had the time even to write down the full recipe and direction in my file, I just made a note here and there.

But to make things simple, I used a regular tiramisu recipe and added some dark chocolate to it. Don't add too much as it will completely take away the flavor of the mascarpone. If I remember correctly, I used chocolate sponge cake, instead of lady fingers on this one.

Hope it helps,

Sarah Lee said...

hello, would you please please please share your recipe?

Lucian said...

I love your tiramisu cake. It looks simply delicious! Would you happen to share your recipe?? I am at



Bertha said...

Sorry, I don't have my notes anymore, but this is a very simple recipe. Like I said, just use any regular tiramisu recipe and add some melted chocolate into it.