Mocha Chiffon Cake

Last weekend, I was looking for something that's easy and fast to make. I have a long list of "to-make" list for my own experimentation, but they're all the type of cakes that have multiple layers of fillings and take a long time to make. So, I decided to make a mocha chiffon cake instead. I usually made the pandan version, but got tired of the green stuff lately.

I made mocha chiffon cake a couple times before (for cake orders), but never got the chance to photograph it. Usually, I would just sprinkle it with cocoa powder, but this time, I wanted to take a simple cake to another level by decorating it. Besides, there were potluck party for friends gathering on Sunday, so this is the perfect occasion.

This mocha chiffon cake was decorated with mocha whipped cream, chocolate wafer sticks, and some chocolate sticks decoration that I made using just melted dark chocolate and piped it into a tiny sticks.

I had some leftover whipping cream that's almost expired. So, I put it in the freezer just so that it won't go to waste. I read somewhere that you can freeze whipping cream and just thaw it in the fridge and use it as usual. this is the time to see if it's true. It turned out that whipping cream that has been frozen before, won't have as much volume as the fresh one. Also, it takes a really long time for the cream to start thicken up. I thought it would never stiffen, but then after about 10 minutes whipping on high speed, it started to thicken a little. The texture also wasn't as smooth as the fresh one. So, my conclusion is that I would never freeze whipping cream anymore, at least not for whipping. I think it will still be good to be used for ganache, or for addition to pastry cream, or anything that doesn't require whipping or air.

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Nathania said...

HI, I was just wondering, would this cake be okay if left in the fridge after decorating and everything? Because I know that the pandan cake is really sensitive, so all these times I've made it, I would always leave it at room temperature to keep its soft texture. Thankss :)