Weekend's Projects

I had to make 5 different cakes/dessert last saturday. The above picture is another pandan swiss roll cake with cheese and cherry. Although there was a little incident with the oven when baking these cakes, everything turned out to be ok.

I had to make a cake for a friend's farewell party. By the time I have time to start doing it, I was already exhausted and very tired from the other cakes I made in the morning. So I had to think what cake is fast, easy, and taste good. This cake was a result of the swiss roll cakes. I had a leftover pandan sponge cake and vanilla sponge cake batter that I baked in a 8-in pan. Stacked them together and fill them with vanilla buttercream and cheese (again). Sponge cake, buttercream, and cheese, is always the favorite among my Indonesian friends. you can't go wrong with this combination.

I know the look is deceiving. From the outside, it looks like a chocolate cake or something. I wanted to make something more elegant, but I really didn't have time for it. So, I made use of what I have, my new marble pastry board, acetate sheet, metal scrapper, and my 10lbs belgian dark chocolate that seems to never decrease in quantity.

I used a plastic container that I got from a grocery store nearby, but it made it looks like a Safeway kind of cake :(.

Other than these cakes, I also made a vanilla swiss roll cake (again, with cheese and cherry) and cream puffs for a small celebration on Sunday. It turned out that I added a little too much rum (which is good for me to take off all of the stress I had :( ), but I totally forgot that there will be kids on that party. Since I used the never ending 10lbs belgian dark chocolate for the topping, people might think that the bitterness came from the too much rum instead of the bitter choc. Lesson learned. Study your audience first and don't take the stress onto the cake.

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arab said...

| Lesson learned. Study your audience first
| and don't take the stress onto the cake.

another good lesson might be not to make as many cakes as you have made last weekend, lol.
5 projects in a single weekend, wow! lucky you're not dead tired and aching all over your body at the end of the day :)