New Addition

Finally, the long-awaited book is here. I've been wanting this since forever. After one day, this has become my favorite among many books in my bookshelf.

There are a few drawback to this book though. First, you have to scale down the recipe to make the standard amount/size for home-based baking. The recipe doesn't tell you what size of pan you should use and how many cakes it would make, so you don't really know what to scale it to for just one standard size cake. Second, these recipes were written for French pastry chef. A lot of the ingredients in the recipes are not available in the US. I flipped through the pages and there are only less than twenty recipes that I can actually make and although those ingredients are available in the US, they're not easy to get.

But, we'll see how it goes. I won't know for sure until I tried out one of the recipes and see the result. Stay tuned.


Eliza said...

hi bertha salam kenal ya...beli bukunya dimana? amazon?


Bertha said...

Iya, belinya di Amazon. udah lama banget kepengen tapi mahal buanget, jadi ga beli2x deh :).

Hany said...

OMG! you have this book!!! isn't it written in French? i always wanted to get Pierre Herme's book but didn't know where to get it. Do'h! Why didn't I ever think of Amazon... hehehe

Bertha said...

Yup Yup, I finally bought it after more than a year wishing for it :D. I've never tried a single recipe though. It's dual language, has both French and English. The direction is very sparse, it uses some expert tools and the ingredients are in bulk, many of them are hard to find here in the US. But I still love it anyway :)