Barbie Cake

I made this barbie cake for my niece's 2nd birthday. I've never made a barbie cake before and I thought this is the perfect time to try on one. I was planning to spend my whole saturday to make this cake (the party is in on Saturday evening), but something always come up. I got a call from the office, asking me if I can go to work that day. I have to say yes, since there was a problem with the current big project and they need me to come to help them. I thought it would take maximum 4 hours, but it turned out that I stayed for 8 hours!!!. The party was at 7 o'clock and I got home at 6 something. Luckily, I baked one batch of vanilla sponge cake and a small pandan sponge cake in the morning. I was planning to bake another batch of sponge cake but I had no time. So, I just went with what I had. I made the buttercream, carved here and there, decorate, and tralaaa....

I started to decorate this cake when the guest came. So, they watched me doing it and it made me nervous. As you can see in the picture, it's not perfectly smooth and everything, but I'm somewhat satisfied with it. Not to mention that the cake tasted great!!. It was brought to the Sunday School the day after and everybody loved it!. It was gone in a count of seconds and the kids just couldn't stop starring at the cake.

The cake was made out of vanilla and pandan sponge cake, alternating, vanilla buttercream and shredded cheese. For the pink buttercream, I used a little of red food colorings and grenadine for flavor and color too.

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